What do other artists say about the works of Chris BYTEBIER?
25th of May 2005

Good rich color and brushwork. Doing that with acrylics and not making mud isn't easy. I like the way your line is varied.

Beverly McLarty

Little Rock - USA
21th of May 2005

A beautiful composition Chris. I suspect that your work require better lighting when it is prepared for display electronically. I sense that this is an even more vibrant work than this image suggests.

Dr. David Baker
Warwick - United Kingdom
21th of May 2005

I very much like what you are doing here Chris. But again I feel this needs a better quality image to bring out the full depth of the piece.

Dr. David Baker
Warwick - United Kingdom
20th of May 2005

I like your Hands and Fingers very much!

Michael Sprouse

Washington - USA

11th of May 2005

Love the bright colors here. Excellent.

R.S Hryhorczuk
Toronto - Canada

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