Colours & Shapes
Press releases:
5th May - 31st May 2004
El Meson
Almuñecar - Spain
Chris Bytebier is an 18-year-old painter, who is exhibiting in the El Meson in the Town Hall Square, Almuñécar until the 31th of this month. She was born in Africa, where she spent the first five years of her life. This period seems to have embedded itself in her soul, as her abstract paintings have almost a tribal feel. Her exuberant use of colours, combined with the texture that acrylics (her preferred medium) display, smack of, rain forest and deep feelings. She has spent time with Belgian artist, Leon de Smet, though she has a unique and captivating style, which is immediately evident. She can be contacted through the Meson or the Gazette.

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